MANIFEST MANNA: Meditate on Acts 17:28 “In Him we live, we move, and have our being…” One of the primary rules of meditation is to ponder, consider, and reflect before you offer a response. With so many things going on competing with our minds for attention, not everything that is reflected on can be spoken about–nor should it be. Sometimes the best response to chaos is an INWARD one. A godly response to life’s challenges can be our breeding ground for the miraculous! When we find ourselves in atmospheres of adversity; when we find ourselves in a stagnant place; when we find that every hindering spirit imaginable seems to have been unleashed against us; we can take solace that there is available to us, the divine breath of GOD flowing CONTINUOUSLY through our body temples! BREATHING your way through calamity is an art form that can only be mastered through adversity.

If we panic and flip-out at every assault, surely they will keep coming!
But TODAY, God reminds us that we are living and moving IN HIM, WITH HIM, & Through HIM.
Our real breakthrough relies on how effectively these 3 areas converge upon the soul of the True Worshipper, causing a supernatural heart attack of epic proportions! This is the breakthrough! Why then has the enemy tried everything in his arsenal to stop your FLOW? Why has he been so UNSUCCESSFUL thus far? Because no one can hold AIR! Our revelation is that the secret to your success is: JUST KEEP BREATHING. AMEN
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