Matthew 27:51. After he gave up his spirit, the earth shook, the rocks split, and tombs opened.”

In November 2009, pastors in Haiti had a national meeting. They prayed for revival. They prayed that God would shake their land. They prayed that He would tear down the strongholds in government, the evil forces in the judicial system, the presidency, and the corrupt politicians.
As they prayed, they believed that there was an exchange in the spiritual realm.

When a devastating earthquake happened just two months later, the pastors believed that it was the physical manifestation of a pre-existing spiritual reality. Many believed that it was a direct answer to prayer. When we pray, we’re not in control of how God answers—we just believe that He will. However, we CAN control our actions and reactions.

We can allow the shaking to begin in us, with us, and through us. The physical reverberation of Jesus’ spiritual transaction that took place on Calvary is powerful, active, and available to us now—it’s READY to shift the spiritual atmosphere of communities; ABLE to transfer wealth and riches of the wicked to the righteous; and WILLING to open gateways to healing & breakthroughs beyond your wildest dreams.
Praying: Lord, we release our spirit to you. Consecrate us now for service and mighty exploits in Your Name.