MANIFEST MANNA: Meditate on Genesis 11:6. “The LORD said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they imagine will be impossible for them.” The mind has the power to cause us to use our imaginations for good, or for evil. Our minds can magnify mistakes and inflate one’s sense of self and success. We must always be careful to guard and protect our minds because this is the storehouse of information and revelation! It is also the front line of sabotage to every great thing, every great experience, every great relationship, and every great dream we have! This happens because dwelling on anything too long without doing something about it is not only unproductive, it is detrimental to proper and accurate achievement of your desired goals! An irritant to any productive person’s mind is when they encounter individuals who are simply perpetual dreamers. In other words, all talk–no action. Always recommending ideas and critiques, but never offering solid strategies–or just plain ‘help’!

Even though our minds are constantly collecting knowledge, stimuli, and information, our minds are also magnets for foolishness–all of which must be filtered on a second-by second basis! The challenge to a people who want to experience the manifested glory of God is that they must be on ONE ACCORD. In our prayer, in our praise, in our worship, in our serving, in our teaching, in our fellowship–all on the same page, with one agenda: TO SEE JESUS!
The beautiful thing about being on one accord is that it forces our minds to focus; In the life of the worshiper, FOCUS is power! The devil is fully aware of this, thus any possible, available distraction that can be erected WILL BE! However, we must know that when we use our holy imagination and laser focus on God, we have the power to NEUTRALIZE everything that tries to keep us bound and scattered! Today, know that your dreams are giving life to your imagination, BUT the EXECUTION of YOUR dreams are producing your manifested future. AMEN
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