Transforming Nations with Kingdom Purpose

For more than 17 years, Rev. Stephanie B. Adams and Spirit of Praise Sacred Artistry International have travelled the world specializing in teaching on the spiritual disciplines, principles, and techniques of liturgical dance including prophetic dance, congregational worship, biblical foundations of dance, spiritual warfare, deliverance ministry, evangelism, missions and so much more in a radically unique way. The teaching invites an intergenerational, multi-ethnic, interdenominational delegation of students and participants to receive liberation through the anointing of the Holy Spirit as they worship God through movement. The teaching is facilitated by Rev. Stephanie Butler Adams and her professionally trained faculty in a variety of settings including universities, churches, conferences, and retreats for the purpose of equipping individuals to transform nations through excellent, artistic ministry.

Upon written consent of the Pastor, Ministry Director, or Conference Host, Rev. Stephanie will conduct from one, two 3-day teaching sessions—all customized to meet the needs, desires, and varied levels of each participant. (For ministry invitations, please download the “Ministry Covenant Agreement”)

Spirit of Praise Sacred Artistry International is an Artistic Consulting Ministry that instructs and empowers people from various cultural backgrounds & levels of spirituality in the principles, disciplines, and guidelines of Sacred & Liturgical Arts including dance, fitness, drama, literature, outreach, life skills, and more.

Spirit of Praise Sacred Artistry International strives to:

  • Honor self and humanity through the discipline of keeping the body as a sacred temple unto God.
  • Demonstrate and live a joy-filled life of holiness and integrity unto God and humanity.
  • Train, equip, and impart spiritual disciplines and strategies for healthy lifestyles through the ministry disciplines of dance, the Arts, community outreach, international missions, and the Word.
  • Expose humanity to the vast diversity of indigenous dance styles and genres which both celebrate ones culture and the Kingdom.
  • Influence a generational legacy of global-minded, Christ-centered leaders, into Artistic Entrepreneurs in the Arts and their Communities.
  • Serve as a clear and steady resource to the world of aspiring and seasoned Sacred & Performing Artists, regardless of their technical abilities, ethnic background, or spiritual aptitude.



Liturgical Dance is derived from the root word, “liturgy” which when translated is defined as a “Eucharistic rite”. Believers know the ‘Eucharist’ to be related to Holy Communion; a ‘Rite’ is a public ceremony (usually with a deep spiritual meaning) or process customary to a Community. Therefore, we may define Liturgical Dance as Spiritual Communion with God through Movement in a Public Setting.
Liturgical Dance may also be referred to as “Sacred Dance”, as it is set apart, and held as holy unto God.
It may encompass a variety of movement genres including Ballet, Modern, Jazz, African, Israeli Folk, hip-Hop, Urban Contemporary, Tam, and more! It’s all about the MOTIVATION behind your movement, and knowing for WHOM you are dancing. For more information on the ministry of liturgical dance, and one’s lifestyle as a worshiper, purchase and study Rev. Stephanie’s book entitled, “My Body is the Temple: Encounters and Revelations of Sacred Dance & Artistry”.



  • The Preached Word
  • Dance Ministry Soloist
  • Seminar & Workshop Instructor
  • SKY KIDS Creative Arts Program (Children ages 6-12)
  • Conference & Retreat Speaker
  • Customized Teaching & Training for Worship Arts Ministries
  • Author/Book Writer’s Consultation
  • Choreography Services (Groups)
  • International Missions Training
  • Mentoring for Leaders/Directors of Liturgical Dance Ministries
  • Internship Opportunities


Contact 562-293-1700 for more details.